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Just something

Post  Cake Dude on Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:10 pm

This is just a little story i have thought up
its the early hours and im not up to much
Do not rush through this, give it time and take it in
with that in mind, are you ready? then lets begin......

For the first time now its becoming pretty clear to me
that my life has not really turned out how i wanted it to be
I have lost track somewhere along the way of my plan
although its quite hard to pin point where it all began

Every time at night i go to sleep in tears and pain
praying to god the next day wont be the same
I beg god to bring light into my life and help us all
but as of yet he has not answered my call

The blistering heat of the sun on me and the land
teary eyed children desperately clutching for mothers hand
Another day has begun for us all stuck in this evil spell
there must be a heaven, right now we are stuck in hell

Of i go on the daily twelve mile walk in the dust
getting dirty water, its not a need its a must
No cars to give me a ride to where i need
nobody to pick me up if i fall down and bleed

Why am i walking so far? why not use a tap?
Its just not possible, where i am we dont have that
For every day of my life this is my certain fate
Its not how your life was when you were aged eight

What choice do i have though, i have to to provide
my little brother and me have nobody by our side
You see my mother died giving me my life
no money for medicine, how can that be right?

In a world of money, technology and fame
why do we still have to play this sick game
We are children fighting just to see the next day
hoping its not as bleak as this day is the reason i still pray....

So thats pretty much it, the story is now done
Answer me this, was reading it at all fun?
I hope it wasn't because this story is one of truth
i suggest you take a look at this video for proof...

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You see sometimes we all think we have things bad
bills, relationships and work sometimes drive us mad
We think we are the ones who need a break from it all
but watch that video, i dont think you would swap places at all

Has any of this hit any kind of nerve with any of you?
its just something which personally i wanted to do
It just hit me that i have no right to think i have it tough
when there are children screaming for enough to be enough

So on the nineteenth november im going to try and help out
its Children In Need and stopping scenes like this is what its about
I hope though that just one person reading this thinks like me
these children deserve a chance to be happy and free

Just remember the video and the thoughts it made you feel
its not a movie or tv show, for the children that life is real
Nobody can force you to donate but i do ask this of you
how would you feel if the life and world in the video was your reality too?

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Re: Just something

Post  Le0N on Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:46 pm


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